How To Download

Friends, Please read it carefully.

 First of all, You should open this blog in AdBlock (DOWNLOAD) browser...(in mobile)

For Shorte.St.

Now, you click on any Comics Links, A new page open and this type of screen will be showing you.

A 5 Second timer will be start.

After end of 5 Second, there will be SKIP THIS AD button.

You have to Click on SKIP THIS AD, you will redirect to download page.
Please use AdBlock browser in Mobile for better experience.

UP07 download process:-

Click on Free Download

Fill This Captcha and click on Download File

Now Click on Below link, Your download will be start immediately.

For Filescdn Link


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12/29/2016 12:54 pm ×

i am getting link shrink link and then security alert in chrome

Anand Kumar
12/29/2016 1:15 pm ×

In chrome, url will as....

Remove .com from url and insert .in there. Link will be open. And url will be as....

In chrome, url will as....

Thanks for your comment